Compare and contrast essay ideas

compare and contrast essay ideas

There are a number of compare and contrast essay ideas that an author can base their work on.

As the title suggests, when writing a compare and contrast essay, a writer is taking two aspects of a particular subject and examining them, noting their similarities and their differences.

When writing a comparing and contrasting paper it is very important that the author selects the topic that they are going to write about very carefully. If you are writing an essay that has been set for you - as part of an English class or coursework assignment - you should think about what way you are going to approach the topic you have been given. If you select your topic or how to approach a topic wisely you should find your essay will open up easily giving you room to explore different ideas.

Different compare and contrast essay ideas or topics can lead the author to focus and write their essay in different ways. For example some ideas and topics will focus in on a very specific aspect or area of a topic. Other ideas will however leave the author a great of room to explore the subject that they are writing about. For example if your essay title asks you to 'compare and contrast the tactics of the armies in the Battle of the Somme' you have been given a very specific subject to focus on. In this case it is very important that you make sure your essay remains concentrated on that subject. Straying off the point in question will not gain you any marks. However if you are asked something like 'compare and contrast the tactics of the opposing armies in the 1st World War' you have great freedom to write broadly about how the different armies fought each other during the course of the war.


Whatever sort of essay that you want to write, it is very important that you research what you plan to cover. Any essay will only be of good quality if it is based on well-researched and developed information. It is important that you only use the information you have gathered through research to support your own claims. Furthermore, it is very important that all sources you use in any essay or piece of academic work are fully and properly referenced.

It should be noted that when writing a compare and contrast essay there are many different ways in which an author may make the comparisons and contrasts that they are wanting to. If you are looking to compare two things they do not have to be identical; you may look at how two different approaches to a problem may reach the same objective. You can take the same approach when looking for contrasts, highlighting the differences.

There are many ways that you can progress through a comparative and contrasting or a discursive essay. For example, you may cover the points that you are wanting to on a one-by-one basis: you may write up your first comparison and then follow that with a contrast before moving on to the next comparison. Most tutors however will advise students to write all comparisons first before moving on to examine the differences of the subject in question or vice-versa. However you are going to cover the subject you are writing about, it is very important that you write in a progressive and logical manner. You should make sure that you do not jump from one point to another. Your essay will have much greater credibility and get better grades, if you write in a logical order.

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