The Definitive Guide to Crafting a Winning Descriptive Essay

how to write descriptive essay

Solving the conundrum of how to write descriptive essay assignments to ensure a top grade isn't an easy one. Every student will have their own weaknesses that prevent them from reaching their potential, but this article is designed to demonstrate exactly how to overcome this sort of subject. Learning to write descriptive essays isn't difficult if the right tips and tricks are taken onboard. Read on to find out more about writing a descriptive paper.

Understanding the Point

A descriptive essay is a unique form of essay. It's unique because a lot of it relies on subjective views and subjective concepts. Where a narrative essay will involve bringing in help from historians in dusty old tomes, the descriptive assignment will draft in personal experience and subjective views.

Evidence within one of these assignments will be there to merely back up certain points. It won't be driving the topic forward, as it does in most other essay types. Essentially, it's placing an emphasis on the narrative of the writer. If the student doesn't have anything interesting to say then the reader is going to quickly lose interest.


Planning is done in a slightly different way than usual. Since deciding to write descriptive essays is asking somebody to use their own personal viewpoints, any research won't be employed to actually find the answer to the question. The answer and the conclusion will already be known. It's a test of communication. Often, it's why descriptive essays won't be brought in as coursework assignments as they won't test a lot of the skills required to write a professional essay.

Students who already know their conclusions should write them down. Now, it's a matter of going backwards to the beginning. The only question that any person should be asking themselves at this point is: "Why is my answer right?"

Firstly, bringing in personal experience is going to be easy. Just think about what led the thought process to that position in the beginning. Bring together all personal experiences and write them down. Attempt to make them as vivid as possible. Once they have been outlined in detail it's time to cut them down. Write a descriptive essay by attacking the heart of each point. Remove any superfluous descriptions or feelings. If they aren't completely relevant to the topic then carve them out.

Now is the time to start researching. Evidence should be there to reinforce a point. For example, if writing about an experience in climbing a mountain bringing in case studies to make sure that the full magnitude of climber's inspiration is understood would be a good idea. It's not driving anything forward, it's merely making what's already there stronger.



Just write. The answer to how to write a descriptive paper is to just write. Only so much preparation can actually be carried out. The initial draft is just a case of getting a basic structure in there. Try to create some logical thought and flow. Any mistakes can be ironed out later on. Go all the way to the end in one session and don't worry about going back to correct anything. Most writers find that they come up with new ideas as they are writing.

After the first draft has been completed it's time to do it again and again. At least two rewrites are recommended to get rid of any lingering errors or flaws. A last bout of editing should complete the process. Of course, this isn't possible under timed conditions, but in coursework it should be done. Leave at least two to three weeks to complete the whole process from start to finish. That's the key to how to write descriptive essay assignments.