The Critical Guide to Choosing the Right Narrative Essay Idea

narrative essay ideas

Choosing narrative essay ideas is one of the hardest parts of actually writing a narrative paper because it's going to determine exactly how well the student is going to do. A boring subject that doesn't evoke any feeling at all from the examiner is not going to get a high grade. Attacking a subject that's unresolved or that really hooks the reader is going to have a much better chance of receiving one of the top grades. Here are some tips for deciding on a narrative paper idea.

Make it Relevant

Anybody can rehash something that has been done many times before. Students will often do this because it's what the tutor teaches them. All their previous essays will have taken this route, but when it comes down to it an examiner is only going to have a limited level of interest. Look at this way, an examiner could be going through 50 papers every night. If 40 of those surround the same boring topic then by the time they get to the bottom of the pile their interest levels are going to be incredibly low.

Relevant topics are ones that are often unresolved. It shows a certain level of maturity and initiative if a student can tackle this topic. Examiners know that the evidence isn't necessarily on hand for utilisation. Narrating a debate that took place twenty years ago doesn't demonstrate the same level of professionalism since the arguments are already there. All the writer has to do is to take the same evidence and same points to rewrite for their own purposes.



Controversial issues, such as describing an experience within a certain organisation, can always hit home. Of course, since a lot of this could be relating to personal experience it's only going to have a higher chance of grabbing the reader's attention. Whilst this is something that's quite easy to do in a lot of essays, it can be harder to do it with narrative degree papers. That's why it's strongly recommended that as far as narrative paper ideas go it's unwise to actively seek these topics about. If they are there then by all means take them, but don't make it a priority.

Narrative paper topics that come outside of personal experience can target the controversial, however. For example, if talking about the death of Napoleon the controversy surrounding his death could be utilised. It's something that can be taken into account and each point of view can be touched upon. Just watch out for any unchecked opinions as this isn't the assignment for them.

A narrative essay is all about simply describing something, which could be a debate, a major event, or the advancement of a certain cause. It's not a place to start inserting opinions or entering the debate. Essentially, people should be looking to simply demonstrate their knowledge of the topic.

Make it Major

This is the place to demonstrate depth of knowledge. Targeting something that's very limited isn't something that's a good idea. Narrative essay ideas can actually be brought into the fold via the word count. A smaller word count would warrant a narrative essay topic that has less depth to it. Being asked to write a narrative essay of 10,000 words would warrant something that has a lot of points to be made.

Either way, the topic should be significant. No reader is going to want to read something that's just plain boring or irrelevant. In the case of an examiner, if they are interested then they are going to be more inclined to award the higher grades if they are not being bored to death by the writer.

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